Air Awakens Affinity Tour!

On the Air Awakens fan club over on goodreads (which is found here) we are having a little blog tour where we find out using this test here which affinity we have or where we decide which affinity we believe we are! I did the test for fun but I know exactly where I’d be or at least where I’d most like to be! For those of you who don’t know, there are four affinities you can have. You can be a Windwalker, Firebearer, Waterrunner, or a Groundbreaker. As for me, I’d love to be:


A little about Firebearers:
Your emotions run hot and people know you have fire in your veins. You can be a warm heat to those who get close to you. But, when crossed, that warmth can easily turn into an inferno. In a scrap you prefer to fight with your fists, alight with fire, over weapons.You think deeply about the future because you can hone your ability to see along the red lines of fate that connects everyone in the world. Perhaps you keep this gift of future-seeing to yourself. Or, perhaps you sell it in a Curiosity Shop. You are just like: Crown Prince Aldrik and Larel Neiress.

Now let me say, I am not picking firebearer just because Prince Aldrik is a firebearer. Though, this is a particularly good reason to pick firebearer. I have always just been entranced by fire and its warmth and the look of a bonfire at night. I also hate the cold and being cold and I’m fairly certain that if I had an affinity for fire, I wouldn’t be cold any longer. 
Now if I was a Firebearer for a day, what would I do? I’d be warm all the time and probably just start bonfires for the sake of how easy it would be and I’d probably want to just sit in the fire and enjoy the warmth.

So that’s me! What affinity are you?? I’d love to hear what you either get on the quiz, or which you feel more strongly about! If you haven’t already, READ THIS SERIES! Air Awakens is out now and Fire Falling comes out on November 19th! Also on October 25th until November 15, we are having an Official Read-Along on Facebook! Invite all your friends, we hope to see you there! 



3 thoughts on “Air Awakens Affinity Tour!

  1. Dani W says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Jamie!!! If I wasn't a Windwalker, I'd be a Firebearer. I HATE being cold. Actually, I'm literally allergic to the cold (cold urticaria), so yeah, definitely useful to be a firebearer. And can you imagine being able to spontaneously heat up food? The practical applications are endless!!!


  2. Iris Kwakernaat says:

    My second choice was Firebearer! For reasons I described in my post haha. It was a close call, but I went with Waterrunner in end, as it fit me a little better 🙂
    That being said, I agree that prince Aldrik would be a very solid reason to pick Firebearer, lol.


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