Title: Firsts
Author: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Published: January 5, 2016
My Rating: 4 stars/5 

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Mercedes Ayres has an open-door policy when it comes to her bedroom, but only if the guy fulfills a specific criteria: he has to be a virgin. Mercedes lets the boys get their awkward, fumbling first times over with, and all she asks in return is that they give their girlfriends the perfect first time- the kind Mercedes never had herself.

Keeping what goes on in her bedroom a secret has been easy- so far. Her absentee mother isn’t home nearly enough to know about Mercedes’ extracurricular activities, and her uber-religious best friend, Angela, won’t even say the word “sex” until she gets married. But Mercedes doesn’t bank on Angela’s boyfriend finding out about her services and wanting a turn- or on Zach, who likes her for who she is instead of what she can do in bed.

When Mercedes’ perfect system falls apart, she has to find a way to salvage her reputation and figure out where her heart really belongs in the process. Funny, smart, and true-to-life, FIRSTS is a one-of-a-kind young adult novel about growing up.

My thoughts from the Vault

I borrowed an advance copy of Firsts to read and review from Jamie at Books and Ladders. Jamie spoke very highly of this novel and its story was unlike anything I had heard of before. While reading I did notice a similarity between Firsts and the movie Easy-A but both were fantastic in their own way and still different enough that I didn’t get bored. 

This novels main character isn’t like other main characters. Mercedes has a lot of sex with boys. Not only does she have sex with boys, but she has sex with other girls’ boyfriends. Now Mercedes doesn’t do this to hurt the other girls, but because she believes she has a very good reason. The reason being that she would like to help make sure other girls have the perfect first time, which she never got. 

Mercedes is a very controversial character and one that not everyone will agree with or like. That does not however mean that you won’t enjoy this story. At first I wasn’t sure what I would think of Mercedes but the more I read, the more I believed there was a deeper reason behind her idea to do what she does. That reason created a hole in Mercedes that caused her to try and fill it in the only way she could think how. 

There were several actions by Mercedes that I didn’t agree with but there were also moments that made me very emotional. I felt for Mercedes because of the giant hole that she was trying to fill in her chest, but not for the way she went about it. There were indeed times though, where I felt that she could have handled things better and I wanted to shake her. But that just goes to show how well this character and story were developed, as I cared enough about Mercedes and wanted her to be okay.

I felt bad for Mercy’s friends throughout this story as she tends to push people away and keep her distance. If she’s on her own, she won’t get hurt and that’s the way she seems to like it. I felt particularly bad for Zach because he seemed to really genuinely care for Mercedes but she refused to let him get close to her.

But when it all hits the fan, Mercedes must face what she had done and find a healthy way to fill the hole. Will she have anyone to stand by her in all this? You’ll just have to find out! I promise, this novel is worth trying. I am definitely adding this one to the vault and I cannot wait until it comes out so I can get my own copy! 

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