FBF: The Blue Girl

Flashback Friday: The Blue Girl

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! One of my New Years resolutions is to post more often on my blog, and participate in more weekly or monthly memes. I haven’t actually seen anyone doing a Flashback Friday before, but thought it would be a fun to once a week or so to flashback to a book I absolutely loved and think needs a bit more recognition. The book I’m flashing back to today is The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint. 

Synopsis: When Imogene, her mother, and her brother move to Newford, she decides to reinvent herself-this time she won’t go looking for trouble. She quickly gets to know two very different people. Maxine is a “good girl,” following a strict life plan. Imogene helps Maxine loosen up and break a few rules, and in turn Maxine keeps her on the straight and narrow. Imogene’s other new friend is a little more unusual. His name is Adrian. He is a ghost. Adrian was killed when he jumped off the high school roof in 1998, and hasn’t left since. He has a huge crush on her—so much so that he wants her to see the fairies that also haunt the school. 

The fairies invade Imogene’s dreams, blurring the line between the unreal and the real. When her imaginary childhood friend Pelly actually manifests, Imogene knows something is terribly wrong. With Maxine, Adrian, and Pelly’s help, Imogene challenges the dark forces of Faery. 

I read this novel for the first time so long ago that I can’t actually even remember the first time I read it. I just remember how much I love this novel and keep going back. I have read this novel so many times in the years that I’ve owned it, that sadly, my copy is falling apart. I’ve been meaning to buy myself a new copy to love so that next time I read it, I won’t be putting my copy at further risk of losing it forever. 

I love Imogene’s character as she is such a strong and quirky girl. It was such a nice change as a child to read about such a strong main character who was a girl. Imogene knew how to take care of herself and her own. Imogene is the type of girl who stands up for the people who are getting bullied in school, who can’t or won’t stand up for themselves. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, Imogene at the start of the novel is not someone to look up to. She carries around a switch blade and a roll of coins so that when she punches someone, it hurts real bad. But when her family moves, she decides to not be that person anymore. She decides to pick one person who she will be friends with and with this person, she will try to stay out of trouble.

Maxine, Imogene’s pick for a new friend, is a good girl. She stays out of trouble and concentrates on her school work and making her mother happy. Together, they make a good pair. Maxine helps keep Imogene out of trouble, and Imogene helps Maxine loosen up a bit. Maxine is a great example of how you can concentrate on your school work but also have fun and enjoy spending time with your friends without your schoolwork suffering. 

Everything is going great for Imogene in her new school until she sees Adrian, or as the school knows him, Ghost. Adrian died after jumping off the roof of the school in 1998. Having no where to go, he stays at the school that he hated. When Adrian see’s Imogene, it’s love at first sight for him. He ends up having such a huge crush on her that he wants to share the Fairy with her.  Sadly, this ends up being the worst thing Adrian could do for Imogene.

This novel had everything I could have wanted as a young girl reading this novel for the first time. Two strong female main characters, fairies, imaginary friends and big scary bad guys. This novel is one of the novels I always try to push on people because I love it so much. Every once in a while I return back to this book and re-read it as it never seems to bore me. I have read other novels by Charles de Lint and they have never failed to grab my attention and keep me reading. 

I am really hoping that maybe after reading this, you might be encouraged to check out The Blue Girl and if you do, please let me know what you think!

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