January Book Haul & A Ban

For 2016 I have decided to keep a spreadsheet of all the books I buy and how much they cost so at the end of the year I can look back and see how much money I spend a year on books. On January 9th, I made the spreadsheet and realized that in 9 days I had already spent an astonishing $85. Upon realizing this, I put myself on a book ban. I am going to make you all hold me accountable and not allow me to buy anymore novels until I have AT LEAST put a good dent in my TBR. I would like to put a halt on buying books until I have saved a decent amount of money seeing as how I have a two week trip to Italy this September as well as how my wedding is next year (WHAT), so I have to save for both of those as well as my honeymoon.

I will however, allow myself to buy the books I’ve been waiting for. The novels I meant to pre-order, but haven’t yet. I am allowing myself to buy:

  1. The Raven King
  2. Forest of Ruin
  3. Summer of Sloane
  4. The Rose and The Dagger
  5. Firsts
  6. I will allow myself to buy ANY Kelley Armstrong novel that comes out this year.

I am only allowing myself to buy any Kelley Armstrong novel because as my favourite author, I know I will not be able to hold out on any novels of hers, especially since a lot of times she just surprises me with new novels I didn’t even know where coming out. I can barely keep up with her.

So here are the books I’ve bought this month. The ONLY books I’m buying this month, as well as hopefully the next few months, if I can contain myself.

I bought myself Truthwitch, The Trouble With Destiny, Hold My Closer Necromancer, and volumes 2 and 3 of Saga. I have already finished the volumes of Saga, so I will now go crazy not buying any new volumes. The Trouble With Destiny I read as an e-arc I received from Netgalley, so thankfully that one doesn’t add to my TBR.

Now that you have seen the books I have bought for January, you will know if I buy anything new. Do not let me buy anything! Hold me accountable and remind me of all the traveling I would like to do as well as my incoming wedding anytime I mention wanting to buy books. My ban depends on you guys!

4 thoughts on “January Book Haul & A Ban

  1. Whitney Kippes says:

    In a similar vein, I'm trying to cut down my book-related spending in 2016. It's amazing how that book habit can get out of control pretty fast! I don't even want to know how much I spent last year.
    To tame things this year, I'm also working through my TBR, but I'm also committing to getting a library card and getting some of the new releases when they are available at the library. It'll be hard to wait, but my wallet will thank me in the long run.


  2. Alice says:

    It can very easily and quickly get out of hand! I would be terrified to see what I spent on books last year. I have a library card, so I am going to try and use that more so I'm not spending money. I will just hate having to give the books back! xD


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