BLOG TOUR: Tales From The Front 04 + Giveaway


I was asked by the ever lovely Elise Kova to participate in a special something leading up to the Earth’s End (Air Awakens, #3) release. As I am absolutely in love with this series, my response was: “I WANT IN I WANT IN I WANT IN!!!!!!!!” If you haven’t read Air Awakens and Fire Falling yet, the first two books in this series, I highly recommend reading those first before reading this post.



As my piece of the puzzle isn’t the first, I will be linking below to the pieces that came before mine as well as updating my post for the pieces that come after
If you’re wondering what Tales from the Front is, here’s a little description: Tales from the Front is a series of notes, alternate POV chapters, and other teasers that take place from just before the end of Fire Falling (Air Awakens, #2) to the beginning of Earth’s End (Air Awakens, #3). They are being sent out at random with the idea that bloggers and readers can ban together to put the puzzle pieces together to find out a different side to the story and uncover truths about the characters.

Bloggers and readers are invited to re-post information so long as they link back to the individual who posted it originally. In fact, this is generally encouraged, as it’ll help connect all the pieces! You never know who will be receiving information and when.

So are you ready for the next exclusive POV?  I hope so, because here it is! 

Tales from the Front 04

“Danny.” The toe of a boot nudged his shoulder. “Danny, you have the next watch.”

Daniel rolled over, pulling himself from a hazy sleep. Raylynn stood over him, haggard. Her long blonde hair was plated in a braid that it was determined to fall out of. It was a hard march when they had resorted to the Golden Guard leading all the watches. But there had been too many mistakes and those mistakes had led to death.

He stood and stretched. Raylynn was eager to leave his side the moment that she saw he was up. The other woman wasting no time in finding her place curled against Baldair. If Daniel didn’t know them so well, he would’ve assumed there was something more than a casual understanding between the two.

The rope bridge creaked softly as he traversed it between the tree hut the Golden Guard had bedded down in and the next closest structure. Deserted Northern towns like this would make safe havens if their enemy didn’t come as often from the trees as they did from the ground. So even though their legion had pulled up or burned all ladders, they still needed patrol.

A familiar Southerner rounded the corner of the building he was headed toward, starting on the rope bridge from the other direction. Daniel raised his hand in greeting and Craig did the same.

“Took over for Raylynn?” His friend asked when he was close enough to whisper. Daniel nodded in affirmation and Craig continued, “I think she swindled you out of some time.”

“It wouldn’t shock me if she did.” Daniel surveyed the hazy forest around them. In the early morning it was almost peaceful. But he knew better. Peace was an illusion crafted by war when it was courting death.

Raylynn was a good soldier. No, she was a protégé of weaponry. It was small wonder that Baldair appreciated the woman on a multitude of levels. But her natural aptitude with killing tools made her lazy and she was the first to be missing from patrols or drills.

“You don’t seem too upset.” Craig had lingered long enough that Daniel knew his friend had something more to be said, so he shrugged and waited for him to say it. “Are you still thinking about the dopple’s death?”

Daniel sighed, there wasn’t any point in denying it. “She didn’t need to die.”

“Neither did Sam, or Jon, or Celeste.” Craig clasped a palm over Daniel’s shoulder and shook him gently. “Good people die needlessly; it’s not like you to linger.”
Daniel nodded half-heartedly.

“You saw her, didn’t you?”


“In the dopple, you saw Vhalla Yarl.” Craig’s hand slipped from Daniel’s person.

“I worry about her.” It wasn’t a secret fact, especially not to Craig, so it was surprising how difficult it was to say aloud. “If our doppelganger died then who knows what’s happened to her.”

“If there’s one woman I don’t think you need to worry about, it’s Vhalla Yarl, the girl can take care of herself.” Craig threw an arm around Daniel’s shoulders, giving him an encouraging shake. It was a lighthearted motion that contrasted starkly with his shift in verbal tone. “Plus, she has someone worrying enough for her already.”

“I’ve told you it’s not – “

“Oh come on.” Craig rolled his eyes. “The feelings are not like that for her, but they are for you, and you’re going to get yourself in trouble with this one.”

“I’d never make it something she didn’t want it to be herself,” Daniel said defensively. If Erion and Jax began warning him as much as the rest of the Golden Guard did about Vhalla he was in for a long winter. How could he be expected to sort out his feelings for anyone ever again if his romantic life was being decided by committee?

“Are you sure you haven’t already?” Craig held up his hands defensively at Daniel’s look. “I mean on your end.”

“I have rounds to do,” Daniel muttered.

“Brother.” Craig stopped him. “The girl is surrounded by fire. You’re setting yourself up to get burned.”

* * *

The other pieces of the puzzle

As part of this tour, there is a giveaway for a swag pack that is open internationally! 

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