Title: Complicit
Author: Stephanie Kuehn
Published: March 15, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
My Rating: 2 stars/5 

Synopsis: Two years ago, sixteen-year-old Jamie Henry breathed a sigh of relief when a judge sentenced his older sister to juvenile detention for burning down their neighbor’s fancy horse barn. The whole town did. Because Crazy Cate Henry used to be a nice girl. Until she did a lot of bad things. Like drinking. And stealing. And lying. Like playing weird mind games in the woods with other children. Like making sure she always got her way. Or else.

But today Cate got out. And now she’s coming back for Jamie.

Because more than anything, Cate Henry needs her little brother to know the truth about their past. A truth she’s kept hidden for years. A truth she’s not supposed to tell. 

My thoughts from the Vault

Disclaimer: I received this novel in exchange for an honest review and this in no way affects my opinion of the book.

This novel starts out with Jamie learning that his sister has gotten out of juvenile detention. She was sentenced to juvenile detention when she was found guilty of burning down their neighbors horse barn. Upon finding out that she’s been released on “good behaviour”, Jamie loses the ability to use his hands. Whenever Jamie gets surprised or extremely stressed, his hands go numb and they become useless to him.

I thought this story had an interesting idea to it and a great bit of mystery surrounding the truth that Jamie’s sister knew but was hiding from him. Jamie had been living a good life with his adoptive parents but when Cate got released, his life was turned upside down. Fires started being set, stores broken into. All the things that had stopped when Cate was arrested, began creeping up again. The whole time I was reading this novel I just so badly wanted to know what Cate knew but was hiding from Jamie but as the story went on, I was able to slowly piece it together.

I felt like this whole novel was building up to the last 3 pages and it was a bit of a let down once I finally got to those pages. It wasn’t the big shocking reveal that I was hoping for and I found the ending quite abrupt and bewildering. I believe I would have enjoyed this story a bit more if I didn’t find the ending so sudden.

I found Cate’s character to be quite erratic and after the novel ended, I didn’t understand why she was the way she was. It just didn’t seem to add up to me in the end though, maybe I missed something vital or it is meant to confuse you in the end, I don’t know but it just didn’t make sense to me.

Ultimately, I did enjoy this novel though I personally did not like the ending and felt that ruined the book for me as a whole.


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