Title: Undone
Author: Kelley Armstrong writing as Katey Wolfe
Published: June 21, 2016
Format: e-ARC
My Rating: 5 stars/5

Synopsis: Microbiology student Jess Devereaux is a girl with a plan — shake loose from her stalker ex, gain independence from her over-controlling family and, most important for her immediate happiness, seduce her sexy shooting instructor into the wild, no-strings-attached fling she’s been dreaming of.

Gun-club owner Declan Cavanagh is a guy with a plan — do whatever it takes to gain custody of his young half-brother from his violent stepfather, even if it means making cash fast in the bloody cage matches he thought he’d left behind. And he’s been doing some dreaming of his own about sweet, smart, sultry Jess.

When Jess finds herself in danger, Declan decides what she really needs is a bodyguard. Jess is determined to put aside her seduction plan and treat him like the professional he is. Which is not what Declan wants at all.

My thoughts from the Vault

Disclaimer: I received this novel in exchange for an honest review and this in no way affects my opinion of the book.

So I know what everyone who knows me is thinking. ‘Really Alice, you always give Kelley Armstrong 5 stars’. First, that’s not exactly true as I’ve given lots of her books 4 stars, and second, I can’t help that she’s an amazing author. I fully believe that this novel deserves 5 stars. Did I want to review this novel solely because it had Kelley Armstrong on the cover? Of course I did. That does not make it any less worthy in my eyes.

The story starts out with Jess on her way to the gun club to get a private lesson from Declan. Wearing her sexiest outfit in hopes of seducing him, Jess talks to her best friend on the phone to get some advice on the way. Barely 10 pages into this novel and it’s already incredibly steamy, with Declan giving Jess a not entirely proper lesson.

This novel is a New Adult romance and I’ll tell you, romance it had. It also had some steamy sex and lots of horrible (but great) sexual tension! There was the perfect amount of sexual tension, steamy sex (that didn’t make me cringe once, thank the gods), and interesting plot to wrap this story into a 5 star novel for me.

After reading this novel, it kicked me off on a bit of a NA Romance kick and I have been devouring everything I can get my hands on. I’m glad that I picked up this novel and added another genre to my list of favourites.  

The only thing that could have potentially knocked it down (and by down I mean .05 of a score) was the fact that I wish it had been a tad bit longer! However for a novel of this length, the characters were well developed and there was quite the mystery.

If you enjoy romance novels I highly recommend you try this one out and please let me know your thoughts if you do. This one will definitely be joining the Vault.


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