Edge of Glory


Title: Edge of Glory
Author: Magan Vernon
Published: July 12, 2016
Format: e-ARC
My Rating: 3.5 stars/5

Synopsis: “Welcome to Conti’s. I’m Lia and I’ll nguhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

I froze. Directly facing me was Olympic swimmer, Jay Morningstar… and I just made an idiot of myself.

The rest of the table looked up to see me standing there with my mouth practically gaping. His coach, who I recognized from TV interviews, and even two other swimmers from the Olympic team… they didn’t say anything, they didn’t even blink.

“Uh… I mean…”

I couldn’t even put together my words and Jay Morningstar was just staring at me with that Wheaties box smile and those icy blue eyes.

What was I supposed to say? Sorry I just made a weird noise, it’s just that I have a poster of you on my wall where you are wearing nothing more than your gold medals, a smile, and a pair of man panties? 

My thoughts from the Vault

Disclaimer: I received this novel in exchange for an honest review and this in no way affects my opinion of the book.

Edge of Glory starts out with Lia meeting Jay Morningstar at her parent’s restaurant for the first time in person. The Olympic swimmer who she’s been in love with for ages. Unfortunately, Lia is working at the restaurant as a server and is beyond confused because it seems Jay may possibly be flirting with her, that is until her least favourite person from high school happens to be at the next booth and telling Jay lies.

I enjoyed Lia as a character and felt that she reacted very realistic and exactly as I’d expect in the situations she was put in. Jay however, is another story. There were times when I enjoyed his character but there were also a couple times when I hated him and didn’t want Lia near him. I won’t mention any specifics because spoilers, but there were times when I thought he was a complete douche and shouldn’t have acted the way he did if he felt the way he did.

For what I was expecting to be a steamy romance, I did feel this novel lacked in the sex category. With barely any sex, I would have liked a little bit more or at least some more sexual tension. I felt that their love was a bit flat, and not so much love as obsession. I wish there was a bit more spark to their relationship.

Overall, this was a cute story that at times was quite sexy and I enjoyed the read. As I’ve been on quite the romance kick, it really helped feed the hole that non romance novels were leaving. If you enjoy romance, I recommend picking this one up.


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