BLOG TOUR: Keeping Her Secret



Title: Keeping Her Secret
Author: Sarah Nicolas

Published: August 22, 2016
Format: e-ARC
My Rating: 3 stars/5

Synopsis: Two girls. One Kiss.

The last person Riya Johnson expected to run into at her new summer camp is Courtney Chastain—her childhood best friend and the girl who broke her heart after a secret, mind-blowing, life-altering kiss. She definitely didn’t expect to be sharing a bunk bed with her for four long weeks.

Courtney has what every girl wants—she’s beautiful, rich, and the object of every boy’s desire at Camp Pine Ridge. Too bad none of them make her feel an iota of what Riya’s kiss did all those years ago. But Courtney needs to uphold appearances at all costs—even if it means instigating an all-out prank war with Riya as her main target. Neither girl can stop thinking about the other…but that doesn’t mean they can give up past hurts and take a chance on a future together.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains drinking, sexual situations, and a fairy-tale romance sure to make your heart melt. 


My thoughts from the Vault

Disclaimer: I received this novel in exchange for an honest review and this in no way affects my opinion of the book.

When I read the synopsis for this novel, I thought it was a very cute idea and I was quite interested. The funny thing was that when I started reading this novel I had just finished reading another novel called Daring The Bad Boy. When I picked up Keeping Her Secret I had no idea that they went together in a series which revolves around the same camp with some characters overlapping. I thought I was going crazy when little things kept popping up that were exactly the same between both novels such as cabin names and the camp directors name. When I saw Fozzie Bear, I looked it up because that would have been too weird a coincidence.

When this novel starts Riya is just arriving late to camp. With no direction of where she is to go, she wanders towards cabins in hopes of finding the right one. Along the way she gets distracted by a beautiful dancer who turns out to be her childhood best friend who broke her heart after a mind blowing kiss. Riya is the last person Courtney wants to see at the camp she has gone to for years.

While I only gave this novel 3 stars, I love that it revolves around a f/f relationship. Fiction has a terrible habit of only following heterosexual relationships and we really need more diverse novels in the book world. For young adults to be able to see themselves in the novels they read is huge. So I greatly appreciated and enjoyed this novel for the diverse relationships we saw.

My main problem with this novel was how predictable it was. I knew exactly what was going to happen and when everything would hit the fan to create drama. I would have liked a little bit more surprise from this novel but it was still enjoyable.

Both girls are struggling with something different but also the same. They both struggle with their feelings for the other, Courtney also struggles with figuring out who she is as a person. While none of the kisses she has shared with boys have felt anywhere as good as her kiss with Riya, Courtney doesn’t want to think about what this means.

I enjoyed the interactions between Riya and Courtney and also Colt, Courtney’s brother. I loved how Colt just wanted the best for Courtney and was trying to help guide her along her way but never pushed her too hard. He also refused to give up on his friendship with Riya just because Courtney didn’t want to talk to her. I thought all three characters were very well rounded and enjoyed their stories.

Overall I thought this was a cute novel and enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone looking for a fluffy romance.



Sarah is a 31-year-old YA author who currently lives in Orlando, FL. She believes that some boys are worth trusting, all girls have power, and dragons are people too.

She’s a proud member of the Gator Nation and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but has switched careers entirely. She now works as an Event Coordinator for a County Library. She also blogs at YAtopia.

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