Travelling the Pages


For the last little while I have been wanting to do a feature on the blog and so I began to bounce ideas off of Chelsea over at Books For Thought and while discussing ideas, Travelling the Pages was born.

During this feature we will be travelling the world through the pages of books by reading only novels that take place outside the USA. Each week we will showcase a new destination or country of the world. During that week we will read a book set in that country, possibly have a guest post or two, immerse ourselves in that country as much as we can by trying food and movies from the current destination.

This feature will be combining the two loves in my life, books and travel. Each Sunday we will be highlighting where we are travelling to next. Our first stop after we leave USA will be Canada. I know, it’s right above America, but there still isn’t that much love for America’s hat. Not only that, but it is also the home of Chelsea and I, so why not start in the country we call home?

If you’re interesting in writing a guest post to participate in Travelling the Pages, you can follow this link to our google form to sign up.

Don’t forget to follow our blogs and twitter accounts to keep updated on all the Travelling the Pages fun!

Chelsea: @bftreviews

Alice: @alicesbookvault


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