TTT: Books on my Fall TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list that one of our bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post and, if you want to, add your name to the Linky widget on that day’s posts (typically put up midnight EST on Tuesday) so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don’t have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It’s a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

This weeks TTT is 10 books on my Fall TBR, which I will find very difficult to follow as I never stick by what I say haha. I am such a mood reader that I cna’t just say I will read this book this month. But here is books I need to read, but who knows if I’ll get to them.


1) Falling Kingdoms – I really want to read this one but I am also very scared to read it as I’ve been in a bit of a fantasy slump lately, so hopefully I’ll be in the mood for fantasy soon!


2) Nevernight – After seeing a few reviews, I’m quite interested in reading this one, and plan to buddy read this one with Chelsea over at Books for Thought.


3) The Raven King – yes, I have seriously not read this one yet hahaha. Like I said for Falling Kingdoms, I’ve been in a fantasy slump. Hopefully I’ll get to read this one soon!


4) Girl in Pieces – ever since reading this one, I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. I purchased a copy for my kobo and cannot wait to get time to read it. Hopefully be reading this one in October after I get back from Italy.


5) In Ruins – I received an e-arc of this one and I am very excited to give it a read! It sounds right up my alley.


6) SOS: Summer of St. George – A suicide pact, and a last summer. After reading the synopsis I was ready to beg for an advance copy of this one. Luckily, I didn’t have to. This is next on the list to read.


7) The Row – This one sounded really interesting to me as the main characters dad is in jail set to be executed and he confesses to his daughter that he committed the murders that put him in jail. I hope this one is as good as it sounds!


8) Something I Need – Now, this novel involves a character who wants to be the next big country star. I am not a fan of country music, but I am a fan of romance novels, and that is what caught my eye with this one. Bring on the sexual tension!


9) The Hurricane – My aunt recommended this one to me and really, look at the cover. Do I need to say anything else? I love a good romance lately.
10) Changing His Game – Romance. IT guy. Sign me up. My fiance is an IT guy so this one should be fun! hahaha. This one was also recommended to me so I cannot wait to jump in!


So these are the 10 books I’d like to read this fall (plus the others that slip in because I am a mood reader). Are any of these novels on your fall TBR? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “TTT: Books on my Fall TBR

  1. otakutwins1 says:

    I still need to read the Raven King too! I want to know how it ends but for some reason I can’t bring myself to read the last book, which is weird o.o Have you liked the other Raven Boys books?


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