Wanderlust Wednesday


Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday! I hope you have been enjoying Travelling the Pages so far and are having fun in Canada! As I live in Ontario, Canada, I am always having fun in Canada and I really hope you have fun as well!

While looking for authors and books that are from/take place in Canada, it was quite surprising to see how many there were! There were quite a few authors I was shocked to find hailed from Canada. Of course I knew that Kelley Armstrong was Canadian as she is my favourite author and I’ve met her three times. Other surprising Canadians include: Danielle L. Jensen, author of the Stolen Songbird series, Morgan Rhodes, author of Falling Kingdoms, Rebecca Phillips, author of Faking Perfect and many, many more.

Not only do we in Canada have quite a few amazing authors, we are also the backdrop of many of your favourite tv shows. Supernatural, Suits, and Arrow to name a few. If you’re looking for a movie taking place in Canada, check out Scott Pilgrim VS the World!

This may shock all the Canadians who are reading but I do not like poutine. I know, I am a terrible Canadian, but I’m not a huge fan of gravy or cheese curds haha. So instead of indulging in pouting for this week, my fiancé and I participated in a great Canadian meal, roast beef with potatoes. This meal is traditionally English, but many Canadians came from England so it is now a Canadian meal as well. Sadly, as we had just arrived home from Italy, we had no eggs so I couldn’t make Yorkshire Pudding. As I have said that I don’t like gravy, I eat Yorkshire Pudding the traditional way, as a desert, with jam.




As you might have seen on my twitter or instagram, my puppy Luna even got in the spirit of Canada with little bows in her hair. I thought they made her look a little ridiculous but super sweet.


And to finish off Wanderlust Wednesday, a fun little fact about Canada! Canada is home to 15, 500 of the worlds 25, 000 polar bears! Even though we are home to most of the worlds polar bears, I have never seen one outside of a zoo in my 26 years of living. I hope to one day change that! So I hope you have enjoyed Wanderlust Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week spent in Canada!


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2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday

  1. Sarah @ Kerosene Lit says:

    You don’t like poutine? SHAME. SHAME ON YOU. You know what other show is filmed in Canada? Once Upon a Time. It’s a little town called Steveston, in BC. I told Matt that he has to take me someday so I can get pictures XD. By the way, your puppy is ADORABLE.


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