Wanderlust Wednesday – Japan Edition


Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday – Japan Edition! I hope you have been enjoying Japan so far and have been reading lots of great novels taking place in Japan or manga! Have you had any Japanese food this week? I hope you have!


My favourite book that I have read that takes place in Japan is Ink by Amanda Sun. I thought this had a very interesting plot and I loved the Japan elements as I have always wanted to go to Japan so it made it that much more fun to read about. A fun read if you’re looking for a manga would be My Little Monster!, V.B Rose, and Death Note.


The only Japanese food I’ve eaten would have to be Teriyaki. Though, I’ve only ever had chicken and beef, which is more likely to be found in the west while fish is more Japanese but I’ve never actually really had fish? So I stick with beef and chicken hah.


Again, Departures visits Japan and it is honestly Hilarious with a capital H. I also love My Neighbour Totoro and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (which is Japanese made but is in a fantasy world). A couple anime’s that I absolutely love include, Free!, Haikyuu!!, Fairy Tail, Yowamushi Pedal, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun and many many more.

I hope you find some new great reads this week and if you do, please let me know in the comments! I am always up for finding more great Japanese reads be it manga or novels.

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