Wanderlust Wednesday – Italy Edition


Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday – Italy Edition! I hope you have been enjoying Italy as much as I have. When I spent two weeks around Italy in September, I immediately fell in love and I did not want to return home. The history, the language, the food.. And by food I mean pizza, because let’s be honest. I ate pizza at least once a day for the two weeks I was there. But in all honesty, I just loved everything and I am dying to go back.


Just this year I read Flirting in Italian to try and help me get ready for Italy and boy did it get me excited for my trip! This novel was adorable and was everything I wanted to do. Go to Italy, spend a good chunk of time living in Italy and learn the language and learn about the culture while being complete immersed in the country. After being there for two weeks, I can tell you, I am in love with Italy and would love to go back. Another great novel that I love is Angels & Demons. I read this novel ages ago but it was such a great read that it still sticks with me. You can check out my Arrival Day post for more recommendations.


As for movies that take place in Italy, one of my favourites is Letters to Juilet. I have honestly watched this movie so many times that if my fiancé sees me watching it, all he says is “again?”. It is such a romantic movie and I am a big romance suck that I just can’t get enough of it. Plus, it takes place in Italy so what’s not to love. There are also the Angels & Demons, and the Under The Tuscan Sun movies which of course take place in Italy as well. I haven’t seen Under the Tuscan Sun, but I think I will watch that this week! I’ll let you guys know what I think on my twitter!


I’ve already mentioned how I ate pizza everyday, margherita pizza from Italy is fantastic. Now the other famous food in Italy is pasta, and I do not eat pasta. But when in Rome, as the saying goes, you do as the Romans do. So I tried pasta. My fiancé really likes pasta so when he got it, I tried it. Sadly, I am still not a fan. But I have heard that the pasta is amazing. It’s just a texture thing for me.

My travels to Italy

I’ll post some photos below of my fiancé and I from our travels to Italy this September, but let me tell you, the pictures do not do Italy justice. It is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve seen to date. While I was in Italy, we went to Ischia for one week, which is an island of the coast of Naples, Venice for three days, Florence for two days, and lastly Rome for three days. Venice by far was my favourite city and I wish we could have spent more time there. Ischia was also a very beautiful island and I never wanted to leave. I threw my coin in Trevi fountain, so hopefully one day I will be blessed enough to be able to visit Italy once more.


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