Wanderlust Wednesday: Australia Edition


Hello and welcome to another Wanderlust Wednesday! I hope you have been enjoying Australia so far, as much as I have! I have sadly not been to Australia before but my fiancé and I are hoping that maybe in 2018 we can get four weeks of vacation scraped together and head to New Zealand and Australia for two weeks each. So keep your fingers crossed for me as I have been dying to get to both! But anywho, let’s get to the goods!


So I’m sure you’ve seen my Arrival Day post, but if you missed it, here are the books I recommended. Fury, Jellicoe Road, and Magic or Madness. I also have The Boys of Summer to read, which I will hopefully get to soon!


I honestly have got to try Vegemite while over in Australia because I hear so many different takes on this stuff. It really seems to be a hate it or love it situation and I cannot wait to find out which I am. I have a feeling I will hate it though haha. Have you tried Vegemite? Love it or hate it? I need to know!


My favourite guys from Departures have two episodes covering Australia and they are such wonderful episodes. Really, I highly recommend that show if you haven’t watched it yet! There is also of course the movie titled Australia, which I watched when it came out in 2008, and unfortunately, I can barely remember it. What are your favourite movies/TV shows that take place in Australia, that I can watch to educate myself??

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