Travelling the Pages: 2017 Reading Challenge

So I’m sure you’ve probably seen either on the blog or on twitter that Chelsea over at Books for Thought and I have been hosting a Travelling the Pages feature where each week we are in a different country in the world, to help force us out of the USA and into countries we don’t read about all that much. Since the feature is almost at the end, and a new year is beginning, we decided to do something a little different for 2017.

What is it

The 2017 Travelling the Pages Reading Challenge is a bingo card that you have to fill in. There’s four different levels that you can try out: beginner, intermediate, hard, and expert. All of them check out more squares than the previous level. Besides that, all you have to do is read a book that matches a square!

Why should I participate?

You should participate because it is a lot of fun and really pushes you to find books that take place outside of the United States. It may sound silly but I never had any intention of visiting India until I read The Tigers Curse series which helped open my eyes to how beautiful a country it is. It has really helped me to learn not to judge a country by other peoples experiences but my own. So participate so you can find a new found need to visit countries you’ve never been to.

How do I play?

Easy! Take a look at the bingo sheet below. For each square you read a book for, you check it off! The only catch is, none of the books you count for the challenge can take place in the U.S.A.. None. That’s the whole point of this challenge and it’s the only rule! Plus you have all of 2017 to complete this!

You can pick a level and stick to it or you can read as much as you can and see which level you ended up completing. The levels are:

  • Beginner: complete all the squares in one of the + rows. That means a minimum of four books.
  • Intermediate: complete all the squares in one of the x rows. Also a minimum of four but slightly harder challenges.
  • Hard: complete all the squares in two whole rows. Any rows at all! This means a minimum of eight books.
  • Expert: complete all the squares! I personally think we should all aim for expert and see what happens.

You can print this image and check them off as you go or you can start a spreadsheet to keep track.  I will be (hopefully) updating my Bingo card and posting it here and on my twitter account to help you all keep updated!

There will also be little check ins every couple of months just to remind everyone to keep going and to show off what we’re reading. There will also be other little Travelling the Pages posts going on to point out some more books we’ve found that don’t take place in the U.S. so keep looking in! Make sure to use the #TravellingThePages hashtag so we can see everything you post or if you need book recommendations!

**If you want to join us then post a link to a post or page where you’re going to keep track of your progress! We’d love to encourage you throughout the year!



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