Wanderlust Wednesday: Freebie Edition


I welcome you to the last Wanderlust Wednesday post for this year! This is the last week of Travelling the Pages for this year and it is quite sad to be finished! I can’t believe it was just over three months ago when Chelsea and I decided to go ahead and run this feature and it has been so much fun! I hope you will all be participating in the Travelling the Pages Bingo feature next year!

Normally for this feature we talk about books, food and movies/tv shows that come from the country we are currently visiting but as this is a freebie week and not based on a specific country, I am going to talk about my favourite things from whatever country!


As I have previously mentioned, Llamas and Empanadas, Beyond the Horizon, and The Lost Girls are some of my favourite literary travel novels that take place around the world. I absolutely love reading about peoples adventures around the world and cannot wait to find another novel that grabs my attention like The Lost Girls did. If you also enjoy novels like these, please please leave recommendations in my comments. I need more!


One of my favourite movies is Eurotrip. I honestly quote this movie all the time with my dad because we both love it so much. I feel this movie fits right into freebie week because it takes place all across Europe. I also have a huge addiction to Downton Abbey currently and I only have one season left which I have been kind of ignoring, but my fiancé got me an awesome remote for the x-box one (for Christmas) so I don’t have to use the stupid controller to watch things so I will probably start it soon.


This one will always be tough for me as I am such a picky eater. My fiancé believes that I am a super taster because I will taste things in food that other people won’t notice. For example, while we were in Florence, Italy, my aunt ordered a steak at the restaurant we were at for dinner and couldn’t eat it all so I said I would take a bite. Now I love steak. It is my favourite of all meats and I could eat it every day. This steak however, I did not like. I told my fiancé that and so he tried it. He has 3 years of chef training, and he could taste what he believed to be truffle oil, though my aunt could taste nothing. This is one of the reasons why he thinks I’m a super taster and am so picky. But enough babbling.  I am excited to do some more travelling and try and push out of my comfort zones and try new foods. While in Italy I did try a ton of different pasta, though sadly I still like none.

What is a food you love from another country that you highly recommend to me? Preferably not something spicy as my tongue is too sensitive for spicy foods! Even mild sauce can be too much sometimes haha.

Leave a comment below to let me know what book(s) you’re reading for freebie week!

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