In September 2016 for two weeks, I traveled around Italy. It was an absolute dream come true to visit this wonderful country and finally see Pompeii and Venice, two places I have been dying to visit for many years.

To set foot on cobblestone streets that were walked on before Mount Vesuvius erupted, to visit a town that had to be dug out from the ashes before we could even begin to learn about it, was breathtaking and enormous in ways I couldn’t even begin to comprehend while I was still standing in the town surrounded by the ruins. This town is so rich in history that you could spend weeks exploring and still not see it all.

As for Venice, the instant I stepped across the first canal, I knew I was falling and I was falling fast. I couldn’t help myself as I gave my heart to Venice and it’s breathtaking architecture and canals, it’s use of boats as public transportation. I loved just walking down the streets and getting lost and having to use a GPS just to find our way back to the hotel.screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-10-45-28-pm

We stayed in some wonderful hotels and spent way too much money that I wouldn’t trade for anything else if I were to do it again. I ate pizza for what must have been at least one meal a day during the two weeks we were there and it was some of the best pizza I’ve had. I even tried many types pasta, even though I don’t like pasta, because Italy is famous for it.

I have this huge hole in my heart that cannot be filled until I am exploring a city that I’ve never been to before. As soon as I set foot in a new place, the hole begins to fill and by the end of my trip, it has become whole again. Sadly, it doesn’t keep. The hole begins to return as soon as I step foot in the airport to return home and not even after a few days, the hole is back to its regular size.

DCIM100GOPROTo be able to explore and learn about a new culture, is a privilege everyone deserves to have. I know that not everyone’s heart and soul beg for travel like mine, even if I do not understand it. I know that I am extremely privileged to have visited as many countries as I have already, but I fear it will never be enough for my soul. And so I will keep traveling in hopes that one day I will fill the hole for good, and live out my days in peace. I am of the belief however, that I will be traveling until the end of my days and that I will love every second of it.

Do you have wanderlust? Tell me about your favourite place that you have been, or the place you are dying to get to!


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