January Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to my wrap up post for the month of January! Let’s see what exciting things I got up to during the month!

Two exciting things that happened last month

  1. I spent a few days in Halifax with my fiancé, my first time ever there.
  2. — How sad. I literally cannot think of anything else exciting that happened LOL.

Three new obsessions

  1. It’s not really a new obsession, but my obsession with escape games is back in full force. I played one in Halifax and now I’m dying to play more again.
  2. Books that have to do with travel. Also not really a new obsession, but it’s all I want to read right now.
  3. — I have no other new obsession I can think of haha.

Instagram pic of the month 



I took this picture before I left my parents place and left my puppy behind for them to babysit. Puppy cuddles are the best cuddles and I was so sad to leave her for a week.




Top 3 books I read

  1.  Bitten
  2. The Sky Between You and Me
  3. Missing

Most popular blog post

My most popular blog post this month was a Top Ten Tuesday post about 2016 releases that I meant to get to but definitely didn’t. This list was an easy one to make unfortunately as there were quite a few reads I didn’t get too.

What to watch out for next month on the blog

For the month of February I’ll be doing more of the same, but hopefully I’ll be getting more posts scheduled. January was a bit of a disaster for me with a ton of things coming up constantly.

Top 3 new books on my shelves

I have only bought a couple of Kelley Armstrong books as my book ban is still going strong with the wedding and honeymoon coming up so soon! (Less than 4 months now!)

3 additions to my TBR that I’m really excited for

  1. There’s Something About Nik
  2. Seven Days of You
  3. Rituals

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