Why Our Honeymoon will be in Iceland

So I’m sure if you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen me tweeting about Iceland and my upcoming honeymoon. If you haven’t seen or don’t follow me on twitter, it’s true. On May 27th, I will be marrying my best friend and not long after we will be boarding a flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. I’m sure there are a few people who are excited for us and dying to get there themselves, but I’m also sure there are a few people wondering why on Earth we’re not going to some all inclusive resort and soaking in the sun and drinking all we’d like.

While all you can eat, drink and play sounds amazing (and it is!), we have been there and done that. I’ve been to Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and my fiancé has also been to the Dominican Republic. For our honeymoon, we wanted something a little more exciting, and a little more “you did what on your honeymoon?”. I loathed the idea of an all inclusive for our honeymoon as it is something that we have done and do any other time we feel like it. I wanted something new and exciting and what could be more exciting then Iceland?

So what do we have planned for Iceland, you might ask? Tons. We are renting a camper van from Go Campers and will be spending our honeymoon driving around Ring Road (driving around the entirety of Iceland) and sleeping in the van at campsites throughout Iceland. I know what you’re probably thinking, camping?? For your honeymoon?! I know it is not the most glamorous to camp, but honestly, I feel this trip will be something I will never forget or regret. The camper van will be the most convenient way for us to see as much of Iceland as we can while not paying a fortune for hotels.

Surprisingly enough, the flights are really cheap from Toronto to Reykjavik. I have found flights for as little as $280 in the winter and flights as high as $580 in summer. As we are going closer to summer, our flights will be a bit more expensive, but nothing as close to as if we went to Europe or even some places down south. Iceland Air even gives fliers the option to include a layover in Iceland for up to 7 days for the same cost as a non-stop flight. So should you be flying to Europe and have a fancy to visit Iceland, why not make a free layover for a few days to check it out? We had thought of this as an option but feared we would not have enough time to see what we wanted to see.

I have heard nothing but amazing things from friends and family who have visited Iceland and the gorgeous photos I’ve seen on the internet have helped me decide that I need to get there ASAP so when we had no solid plans for our honeymoon, I persuaded the fiancé to get on board with Iceland. Now our stops are circled on a printed out map and our camper van has a deposit put down on it, so we are well on our way! Under four months to go and I get to marry my best friend and visit a destination on the top of my bucketlist!


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