Top Five Cities/Countries

The other day a friend of mine made a Facebook post asking his friends to comment with Top Five ____ and he would list his top five in response. People asked him his top five breads, bands, horror movies, and being the travel junkie that I am, I asked him his top five favourite cities/countries. I allowed him to pick cities or countries because not everyone has been to more then 1 country but most people have been to at least five cities. Upon seeing his response, it got me thinking about my top five favourite cities and/or countries and thus an idea was born.

For now I believe this list will be easy to make though I feel the more I travel the harder it will be to decide. There are so many wonderful places in the world that I believe my most recently travelled location will become my newest favourite. But let us put my money where my mouth is and see if it really is easy for me to list my top 5 favourite cities and/or countries.

  1. Venice, Italy. I only spent 2 days in Venice this past September but it quickly stole my heart. The canals, and the atmosphere, and lets not forget the pizza, I didn’t stand a chance. I loved Venice so much that my current WIP takes place there. I wish I had more time to explore and get lost in Venice but it is one city I definitely will not mind returning to.
  2. London, England. For most of my life I have wanted to live in London. Something about the city just draws me to it and I can never get it out of my head. I had been once when I was in grade 7 with my mom and sister to visit family and then another time in 2015 with my fiancé. He basically had to drag me onto the train that would be taking us to Paris to get me to leave.
  3. Ischia, Italy. A little island to the west of Naples, Ischia is a truly wonderful place to visit. We spent a week on the island during our Italy trip in September 2016 and I don’t regret the time there at all. With so much to see and experience, we had a great week exploring the island. While there we rented apartments and it really made us feel as if we were living there and not tourists. I definitely would not mind living in Ischia at all. The only downside I saw was having to take the ferry each time we wanted to go to the main land.
  4. Alaska, USA. I spent a week cruising around Alaska in 2009 and it was a wonderful experience. It was my first ever cruise but I don’t think it will be my last. I am just dying to cruise around the Greek islands and am hoping to do so in 2019. The air in Alaska was so clean and the state so beautiful that I had a hard time leaving and heading back home.
  5. Port Sydney, Ontario. Port Sydney is a tiny town in between Huntsville and Bracebridge. My moms family grew up there and I still have relatives that live there and we spend a lot of time there in the summer, hanging out at the lake. I have very fond memories of Port Sydney and it will always remain in my heart.

So these are my top five favourite cities or countries. I know technically Alaska is a state but I didn’t want to pick one city within Alaska as I loved it all. If you had to pick your top 5 favourite places, where would be on your list? Have you visited any of the places on my list? What did you think of them?  Let me know in the comments below!


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