February Wrap Up

Welcome to my wrap up post for the month of February! Let’s see what exciting things I got up to during the month!

Two exciting things that happened last month

  1. I had my 27th birthday! Ugh I’m so old!
  2. It’s not really exciting, but I started working out and I’m super proud of myself!

Three new obsessions

  1. Definitely not a new obsession but I have been planning my backpacking route for Europe next year. Super in advance but I can’t get it out of my head!
  2. I honestly have no new obsessions. I live a sad life during the winter because my work is so busy haha.

Instagram pic of the month




This picture is of my fiancé and I on the island of Ischia! I instantly fell in love with the island and I just recently discovered this picture on my computer that I had forgotten about, so I had to post it.



Top 3 books I read

  1. A Darkness Absolute
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Original Screenplay
  3. Wanderlost

Most popular blog post

My most popular blog post in February was a Top Ten Thursday post about books I thought I would love more but sadly didn’t. Which books would have made your list?

What to watch out for next month on the blog

I’ll have some more travel posts up and I will have a few new reviews for ARC’s I’ve been reading.

Top 3 new books on my shelves

I am still obeying my book ban and haven’t bought any books recently! Oh, that’s a lie actually haha. I got some gift cards for my birthday so I bought Wanderlost, Fantastic Beasts and Under Rose-Tainted Skies!

3 additions to my TBR that I’m really excited for

  1. Girl out of Water – I just received an ARC copy in the mail today and I cannot wait to read it!
  2. Magic and Mayhem – I got an e-arc of this one and cannot wait to read it!
  3. Ramona Blue – I cannot wait to read this one !

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