Wanderlust pt 3;

I recently stumbled on a video of a gentleman named Dave who is American but is currently living in Korea. In this video, him and three others (who all speak different languages) say the same words but in their respective language. In the first video I watched, there was Japanese, Korean, English and German. The video was funny and was interesting to see how certain languages have similar words but others are completely different.

Watching videos like this always creates a fire under the Hermione in me and makes me long to learn new languages. I have been a member of Duolingo for years on and off and have been trying to teach myself Spanish but there is only so much you can learn through a program and with no one to help practice/correct you. Since watching this video I have begun learning again and am currently 12% “fluent” in Spanish.

Though exploring a new country while on vacation is fun, I am obsessed with the idea of moving to a new country and fully immersing myself in the country, language, and culture. I watched a video Dave had posted that was just behind the scene clips (or bloopers if you will) from his other videos. In these clips, Dave forgot English words as he has been speaking Korean for so long that English words have started to slip out of his brain. While watching this video I felt a huge longing for that to happen to me. For me to become fluent enough in another language and use it so much that English words just sneak out of my mind.

My husband however, has a completely different view on things. He wants to stay in Canada as he has a good job here and he doesn’t want to start over at the bottom of another company in Europe or wherever we decided to set down roots if we did move abroad. I totally understand where he is coming from but that does not mean my soul agrees with it. I don’t know how I’m going to curb these cravings so that we can live happily in Canada but I do think the best way for us to start is to move from the city we currently live in. I feel like I am drowning here and I hate it. I didn’t like this city when I moved here to be with him 5 1/2 years ago and I still don’t like it now.

I will keep working on convincing him to move abroad but I doubt I will have any luck. Have you moved abroad or would you love to? Also, are you fluent in another language? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Until next time friends.


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