Our Time in Iceland;; Days One & Two

Iceland 2017

The hubby and I with our van-home.

You might have noticed in past months that I posted about how my honeymoon would be in Iceland. Well, I am now writing this post as an old married lady who is now depressed because she is no longer visiting the beautiful country of Iceland. We had such a wonderful time exploring our way around the country and I believe that we made the best decision in renting a camper van and driving our way around.

We arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland at 4:30am on May 31. Excited but still half asleep, we grabbed a coffee from the Dunkin’ Donuts and took a seat on a bench. Go Campers, the camper van rental, opens at 9am so needless to say, we had a lot of spare time. We used the airport wifi to post about our safe arrival on facebook and send a few quick messages to family (praying the messages wouldn’t wake them up).

We bought our tickets for the flybus around 7am and arrived at the rental venue by 8am. Though they don’t open until 9am, the wonderful staff at Go Campers saw us and another couple waiting out front of their store and let us in to the warmth and offered us coffee while we waited for them to finish opening the store. By 8:30 we were checking out our home for the week and headed to the grocery store.

Once stocked up on snacks and food for dinners, we headed north. We really had no plan for our trip besides a map circled with things we wanted to see and/or do while travelling around the island so our plan that day was to just drive until we were too tired to drive anymore or it got too late.

There wasn’t much in the west we wanted to see so we just took our time and drove, enjoying the scenery. We took a pit stop at a wool shop as I really wanted a wooley jumper and had read about this store on pinterest, but due to the price ($400+ Canadian)  I walked away empty handed. We spent our first night in Hvammstangi, at a wonderful campsite.

I was slightly worried about the camping aspect of the trip as I am not a huge camper nor do I really enjoy “roughing it”. However the campsites in Iceland made me feel more like we were “glamping” than camping. Heated washrooms with lights, toilets, and running water, common room areas and scenery that was to die for, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Day two saw us to Akureyri. We spent the day exploring the city centre as well as a quick trip to the Christmas House. As I am a huge lover of Christmas, I couldn’t knowingly skip a store named the Christmas House. We followed these adorable Santa signs all the way to the store which was the most wonderful home decorated in candy. We explored the shop and picked up a few souvenirs for family while at it.

We headed back to the city centre and parked our car in a parking lot. Hotels, banks or convenience stores give you a parking pass, which features a clock. You set the time of the clock to the time you leave your car and then have X hour(s) to return to your car for free parking. My husband however, set the clock to the time we would be returning, having misunderstood the clerk in the hotel who gifted us the pass. Upon returning to our car we found ourselves a shiny new parking ticket.  As the parking guard was still in the lot, we tried to explain ourselves to no avail. We paid our ticket and headed off to our campsite in disappointment.

After we had hot showers, we curled up in our sleeping bags for bed. Tomorrow would be a new day and at least now we knew 100% how to use the parking clocks for future.


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