Our Time in Iceland;; Day Three

Our alarm woke us quite early in the morning and the sun was blazing. Mind you, with the midnight sun, the sun was basically always blazing in Iceland during this time of year. I awoke at 2am a couple of nights and found myself looking out to what could have been noon the sun was so bright. So with a yawn, we got dressed and left camp heading East.


Dettifoss – Most powerful waterfall in Europe

We made it to Dettifoss on this day and marveled at the most powerful waterfall in Europe. This was the first location we went to in Iceland that was quite busy. There were tons of buses dropping off visitors and even “washrooms”. Washrooms ended up in quotation marks because they were really just outhouses. It was a bit of a hike to the falls and down some rain slicked steps to get lower, but we went slowly and carefully to make sure we got the best view.

We spent the day droving until something caught our eye. On our third day we really wanted to try and make it to the Arctic Henge, but unfortunately due to not having a 4-wheel drive vehicle, by the time we arrived near Bakkafjörður, we hit a very pot-hole filled dirt road and decided to not risk it. A flat tire would have resulted in having to change to our donut and having to pay out of pocket for a new tire or to have it patched.

Though we were disappointed in having to stop an hour short of making it to the Arctic Henge, we enjoyed the drive. We especially enjoyed how it felt like we were driving in clouds as we could see nothing but white. As we spent the majority of the time driving uphill, we very possibly were driving in the clouds.

We had thought of spending the night in Möðrudalur but as it was still early in the afternoon, we decided we would keep driving to the next campsite at Seydisfjordur. The picture in our campsite book looked okay but that wasn’t the reason we picked it. It had hot water, showers, and other things we looked for in campsites. Plus it was about as far East as we could get so it seemed like a good place to spend the night.

As we followed our GPS, we found ourselves driving back into the mountains and the clouds. The views as we came out of the clouds were spectacular. We found ourselves high in the snow capped mountains, surrounded on all sides. We continued through the mountains until we pulled over into a picnic area. We were still surrounded by mountains but now we were beginning a descent. From the picnic area we could see far below us the town of Seydisfjordur. The view was amazing. I had seen nothing like it before in my life. The town was nestled between the mountains and the fjord and I was breathless. We snapped some photos before jumping back in our car and finishing the trek down the mountain.



We spent the rest of the drive in awe as we made our way into the town and found our campsite for the night. We checked in and parked our van before heading into town on the hunt for dinner. Our hunt was short as after we had crossed the street from our campsite, we smelled the most amazing scent. The smell of fresh BBQ rose to greet us and we quite literally followed our noses to the restaurant. We both ordered the ribs and my word, the were some of the best ribs we had ever had. We devoured our meals and set out to enjoy a nice walk around.

As we returned to our campsite, we were stopped by a fellow camper who asked where we were from. She had heard that we were from Canada and asked whereabouts. We explained our city and surprisingly she was from the same place! We were reminded of how small the world is, especially with modern technology making travel as easy and painless as it is. We played cards for a while in the lodge before heading to bed. Another wonderful day in Iceland down and we were looking forward to the next. Seydisfjordur became our favourite spot from our vacation and I’m so thankful we decided to spend the night there. The photo in the camping card book does not do this town justice. We both highly recommend spending at least a night in Seydisfjordur if you find yourself in Eastern Iceland.


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