Review Policy

If you have a book that you would like me to review, please read the following guidelines below and use the contact sheet at the end of this page to contact me.

What You Should Include In Your Review Request
– Release Date
– A synopsis of the book
– Social media links
– If you have a time frame you would like the book read and reviewed by
– Why you wish for me to review your book.

What Forms I Will Review

– Physical Copies (ARC, paperback or Hardcover)
– Digital Copies (.mobi & epub)

My Reviews
All of my reviews will be my honest opinion on the novel I read. This includes novels that I did not love. Sending me a novel to review does not guarantee a perfect, wonderful review.  I will give my review in a honest and respectful nature.


Genres I Accept
– Young Adult Fantasy
– Young Adult Contemporary
– Young Adult Science Fiction
– Young Adult Mystery
– New Adult Romance
– Adult Fantasy